7 Websites That Are Outperforming Google’s Algorithm

7 Sites Beating Google's Algorithm

Are you tired of relying solely on Google’s algorithm for all your online searches? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to seven amazing websites that have managed to outperform Google’s algorithm. These websites offer unique features and search capabilities that can revolutionize the way you browse the internet. So, let’s dive in and explore the alternatives to Google that are sure to enhance your online experience.

7 Websites That Are Outperforming Google’s Algorithm


In an era where Google’s algorithm updates constantly challenge website rankings, it’s impressive to find websites that not only survive but thrive. ShaverCheck.com is one such website that has defied the odds and continues to defy Google’s algorithm updates. With a focus on reviewing electric shavers and ranking well for competitive keywords, ShaverCheck.com has proven its mettle in the online world.

ShaverCheck.com: A Case Study in Success

ShaverCheck.com is a review site that stands out from the crowd. Unlike many other review sites that use WordPress, ShaverCheck.com is built on Blogger.com. Despite this non-traditional choice of platform, the site has managed to diversify its content effectively and consistently rank well, even during algorithm fluctuations.

With an impressive monthly traffic range of 100k to 150k, ShaverCheck.com competes directly with large media sites. However, it continues to remain one step ahead, consistently attracting a loyal audience.

How ShaverCheck.com Thrives

  1. Diversified Content: One key factor contributing to ShaverCheck.com’s success is its diversified content. The website covers a wide range of electric shaver reviews and provides valuable information to consumers looking to make an informed purchase decision.

  2. Consistent Ranking: Despite the ever-changing nature of Google’s algorithm, ShaverCheck.com has maintained a consistent ranking for competitive keywords. This stability is a testament to the website’s well-executed SEO strategies and quality content.

  3. Black Friday Boost: ShaverCheck.com experienced a significant boost in traffic during Black Friday. This surge in visitors highlights the website’s ability to capitalize on seasonal trends and leverage them to its advantage.

  4. Expertise Not Required: Unlike other niches where specialized knowledge is crucial, ShaverCheck.com has proven that expertise in shaving is not a prerequisite for running a successful site in this niche. It has effectively catered to a wide audience, from novices to experts, by providing comprehensive and user-friendly reviews.

  5. Google’s Advice: Not Enough: ShaverCheck.com’s success further emphasizes the inadequacy of Google’s advice on promoting online businesses with business cards. While traditional marketing methods can be helpful, they are not the sole determining factor of success.

Other Successful Websites

While ShaverCheck.com is undoubtedly a standout success, there are other websites that have managed to outperform Google’s algorithm. Let’s explore a few of them:

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  1. Safe in the Seat: This website offers in-depth reviews and recommendations for child car seats. Despite facing stiff competition from established brands, Safe in the Seat has carved its own niche and attracted a dedicated audience.

  2. PackHacker: Known for its extensive travel gear reviews, PackHacker has gained a loyal following by providing valuable insights and recommendations for travelers worldwide.

  3. Doctors of Running: With a focus on running shoes and injury prevention, Doctors of Running has established itself as a go-to resource for runners looking for expert advice and guidance.

  4. Believe in the Run: This website combines authentic running shoe reviews with engaging content, capturing the attention of both casual runners and serious athletes.

  5. Audiophileon: Offering comprehensive reviews of headphones and audio equipment, Audiophileon stands out in a crowded market by providing detailed and unbiased assessments.

  6. HungryHuy: As a food blog with a Vietnamese cuisine focus, HungryHuy has garnered a dedicated following by sharing authentic recipes and captivating stories.

  7. SquareShot: SquareShot is a photography blog that blends stunning visuals with insightful articles, catering to both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.


The success of websites like ShaverCheck.com and the others mentioned above challenges the notion that Google’s algorithm updates inevitably lead to the downfall of smaller sites. By diversifying content, implementing effective SEO strategies, and catering to a specific audience, these websites have not only survived but thrived. They serve as a reminder that success in the online world is achievable, even in the face of powerful algorithms.


  1. How does ShaverCheck.com survive Google’s updates?
    ShaverCheck.com survives Google’s updates by diversifying its content, employing effective SEO strategies, and consistently providing quality reviews.

  2. Does expertise in shaving matter for running a successful site like ShaverCheck.com?
    No, expertise in shaving is not essential for running a successful site in this niche. ShaverCheck.com has successfully catered to a wide range of audiences, from novices to experts.

  3. How did ShaverCheck.com benefit from Black Friday?
    ShaverCheck.com experienced a boost in traffic during Black Friday, leveraging the seasonal trend to attract more visitors.

  4. Are there other successful websites outperforming Google’s algorithm?
    Yes, websites like Safe in the Seat, PackHacker, Doctors of Running, Believe in the Run, Audiophileon, HungryHuy, and SquareShot have also defied Google’s algorithm updates.

  5. What makes these successful websites stand out?
    These successful websites stand out due to their diversified content, consistent ranking, niche focus, and ability to attract and retain a loyal audience.

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