Building a DR 90 Site: Expert Tips from Brian Dean

How to build a DR 90 site (with Brian Dean)

Building a DR 90 Site: Expert Tips from Brian Dean When it comes to constructing a DR 90 (Domain Rating) site, one can’t overlook the invaluable insights shared by renowned expert Brian Dean. In this blog post, he shares his valuable expertise and practical tips that are guaranteed to elevate your site’s ranking and visibility. With his proven strategies, she sets out to empower readers in their quest for online success. So, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a novice in the digital world, join us as we delve into the world of building high-ranking, authoritative websites that attract organic traffic. It’s time to uncover the secrets and harness the power of Brian Dean’s expert guidance.


In the vast world of website building, achieving a Domain Rating (DR) of 90 is a remarkable accomplishment, accomplished by only a select few. One of these individuals is Brian Dean, who has not only achieved this extraordinary feat but has also managed to do so mostly on his own. In a recent podcast episode, he delves into the exact methods he employed for his success. However, Brian Dean is not the only one to have reached this pinnacle of website authority. Brandon, another internet entrepreneur, has also achieved a DR 90 on Ahrefs. These two individuals are the subjects of an intriguing video created by Authority Hacker, which provides valuable insights into their remarkable achievements. In this article, we will explore the expert tips shared by Brian Dean and delve into the fascinating world of building a DR 90 site.

Heading 1: Brian Dean’s Remarkable Accomplishment

Sub-heading: Brian Dean’s Journey to a DR 90 Site

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Brian Dean, a renowned figure in the world of SEO and website building, has achieved something that only a minute fraction of individuals will ever accomplish. He managed to build his website to a DR 90 on Ahrefs, a remarkable feat in itself. What sets Brian apart is the fact that he accomplished this predominantly by himself, without relying on a team of experts or substantial financial investments. This achievement showcases Brian’s expertise and dedication to his craft.

Sub-heading: The Secrets Behind Brian’s Success

In the latest podcast episode, Brian Dean reveals the exact methods he employed to reach such heights of website authority. His insights are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their website’s domain rating. By dissecting his techniques, we can learn from his experiences and apply them to our own websites.

Sub-heading: Accomplishments Beyond the DR 90 Site

Aside from his impressive DR 90 website, Brian Dean has also had other noteworthy achievements. He sold his previous project for a seven-figure amount, demonstrating his astute business acumen. Furthermore, his new project, Exploding Topics, is experiencing rapid growth, attracting over 250,000 organic visitors. These accomplishments serve as proof of Brian’s extensive knowledge and innovative approach to website building.

Heading 2: Brandon’s Extraordinary Journey

Sub-heading: Brandon’s Path to a DR 90 Site

Brandon, another entrepreneur whose website boasts a DR 90 on Ahrefs, provides further inspiration and insight into building a highly authoritative website. Like Brian Dean, Brandon achieved this milestone mainly through his own efforts, showcasing remarkable dedication and expertise in the field.

Sub-heading: Exploring Brandon’s Website Authority, Brandon’s website, possesses more authority than even well-known brands like and This astonishing fact highlights Brandon’s expertise and the effectiveness of his strategies. Despite having achieved such impressive authority, it is essential to unpack the methods he employed in his journey to better understand his path to a DR 90 site.

Heading 3: Insightful Video by Authority Hacker

Sub-heading: Two Remarkable Journeys Explored

The video created by Authority Hacker provides an in-depth exploration of the remarkable journeys undertaken by Brian Dean and Brandon. It uncovers the secrets behind their achievements, providing a treasure trove of insights for budding website builders.

Sub-heading: Method to the Madness?

As viewers watch the video, an intriguing question arises: Did Brandon and Brian get lucky twice, or is there a method to their madness? The interview not only showcases their accomplishments but also delves into the strategies and tactics they implemented to reach such outstanding levels of success. By analyzing their experiences, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities and techniques available to them.


Building a Domain Rating 90 site is a monumental achievement, requiring both dedication and expert know-how. Brian Dean and Brandon, who have respectively accomplished this feat with their websites, serve as inspiration and sources of valuable information for aspiring website builders. They have managed to rise above the competition, attracting high levels of authority and organic traffic. As we dive into the world of website building, it is essential to learn from their expertise, exploring the methods they employed, and implementing them in our own endeavors.

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