Discover 8 Valuable Lessons We Gained From Collecting 241,713 Emails – Insights From the Experts

In this blog post, we are excited to share with you 8 valuable lessons that we learned from collecting 241,713 emails. Our journey to achieve this impressive number has been long and challenging, but it has also been insightful and rewarding. We’ll be sharing insights from the experts, highlighting what worked best for us, and what we could have done differently. Join us as we dive into our experience and glean some helpful tips that you can use for your own email collection strategy.


Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. Building a strong email list is vital to increasing sales and cultivating a loyal customer base. In this article, we will explore the valuable lessons we gained from collecting 241,713 emails. With insights from experts in the field, we will cover tools such as Gleam and OptinMonster, discuss single opt-in versus double opt-in, and highlight effective lead magnets, giveaways, A/B testing, and retargeting. By the end of this article, you will have a deeper understanding of how to build your own successful email list.

Lesson 1: Choose the Right Tools

When building an email list, it is important to use the right tools. In the video, we learned about two of the most popular tools for building an email list: Gleam and OptinMonster. These tools work to create pop-ups and forms that capture visitor information. By offering incentives such as exclusive content or discounts, you can increase conversions and grow your list.

Lesson 2: Single Opt-In Vs Double Opt-In

When building your list, you will need to decide whether to use single opt-in or double opt-in. Single opt-in means that visitors only need to enter their email address and name to be added to your list. Double opt-in, on the other hand, requires visitors to confirm their email address before being added to your list.

Campaign Monitor and GetResponse are two tools that provide in-depth guides on this topic. While single opt-in may seem like the easier option, double opt-in can lead to a higher quality list with engaged subscribers.

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Lesson 3: Effective Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are incentives that encourage visitors to sign up for your email list. Effective lead magnets can range from exclusive content, access to webinars, discounts, or freebies. The key is to offer something that solves a problem or adds value for your potential customers.

Lesson 4: Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to entice visitors to sign up for your email list. You can offer exclusive content or free products for a chance to win. When running giveaways, be sure to promote them on social media and your website to maximize participation.

Lesson 5: The Power of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a polarizing topic in the world of email marketing. While some visitors find them annoying, the truth is that they work. Pop-ups can be an excellent way to capture visitor information and build your list. However, it is important to use them strategically and not overwhelm visitors with too many pop-ups.

Lesson 6: A/B Testing

A/B testing is a valuable tool for optimizing your email list. By testing different elements such as subject lines, the copy in your pop-up, or the color of your buttons, you can determine what resonates with your audience and increase conversions.

Lesson 7: The Power of Retargeting

Retargeting is the practice of showing advertisements to visitors who have previously visited your site. With retargeting, you can create advertisements that specifically target visitors who have engaged with your site but have not yet signed up for your email list.

Lesson 8: Have a Solid Business Model First

Before you focus on building your email list, it is essential to have a solid business model in place. This means defining your target audience, identifying the pain points you are solving, and establishing a value proposition. Without these foundational elements, your email list will not be effective in driving sales and conversions.


Building an email list can be a daunting task, but by following the insights from the experts, you can effectively grow your list and drive conversions. Remember to use the right tools, offer effective lead magnets and giveaways, use A/B testing and retargeting, and most of all, have a solid business model in place. By following these valuable lessons, you can create a successful email list that drives sales and cultivates a loyal customer base.


  1. What is an email list?

An email list is a collection of email addresses that businesses use to communicate and engage with customers and potential customers.

  1. Why is building an email list important?

Building an email list is important because it allows businesses to directly reach potential and current customers. Email marketing has consistently proven to be one of the most effective ways to drive conversions and cultivate a loyal customer base.

  1. What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of an element in a marketing campaign to see which one performs better. By testing different elements such as subject lines, copy, or images, businesses can determine what resonates best with their audience and optimize their campaigns.

  1. How can businesses grow their email list?

Businesses can grow their email list by offering effective lead magnets, running giveaways, using pop-ups strategically, A/B testing, and retargeting.

  1. What is retargeting?

Retargeting is the practice of showing advertisements to visitors who have previously engaged with your site but have not yet signed up for your email list. By retargeting, businesses can create targeted advertisements that are more likely to convert potential customers into subscribers.

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