Learn How to Backup Your WordPress Site and Your Data

How to Backup Your WordPress Site

Learn How to Backup Your WordPress Site and Your Data

Backups can become extremely important if you are careless when dealing with your website files. In most cases, people do not realize that they are not using the proper methods to back up their WordPress site. If you do not want to be in for a nasty surprise, it is necessary to learn how to backup your WordPress site.

There are two methods that you can choose from, these are the WordPress Backup by Zip and the WordPress Backup by FTP. Many web hosting companies offer a form of each of these and both have their differences. It is recommended to use the zip version of the program. This is the simplest to use as all you have to do is extract the data and transfer it over to your WordPress site. Once this has been done, you can either create a new backup or simply update an existing backup.

There are many different file types you can choose from while backing up your WordPress site. One of those options is a full backup. This is what you will want to do if you have a significant amount of changes on your WordPress site and need to get everything back together. Every time you make a change to your WordPress site, it will be logged into the zip code you specified which is then sent to your web hosting provider. It is recommended to get a full backup at least once a week so that you can ensure that nothing ever goes wrong.

The other method is the cPanel-based backup. Most web hosting providers offer cPanel which is used to maintain all your websites settings. It also comes with a backup plugin which will back up your entire WordPress site at regular intervals. These backups can be changed manually or by using the backup plugin. A reliable backup solution will provide you with either option.

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Another good option is using a third party service like ZuZoe in which your backups are stored in a separate location away from your website. Your backups are always safely stored in the cloud storage and are automatically backed up whenever you change anything on your website. You don’t even have to log in to ZuZoe or make any changes on your website to make them available for backup.

You could also opt to use a third party program such as Carbon Copy Pro, which is a desktop-based program. It does not require any software installation and works well with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or Google Drive. This allows you to make backups in the same way you would in the “dropbox” method mentioned earlier, but with greater ease of use. If you have sensitive data in your zip archive, this is the best solution to store it in a reliable online storage facility.

It is also important that you perform a full backup of your WordPress website. WordPress offers full version of the program and thus making it easy for users to update all at once. In case something goes wrong, you won’t be left in the lurch, as it happens with traditional backup solutions. There are services and third-party programs that offer full backup of your website on a daily basis however. You need to spend some time researching these services and find out which one is best for your website and your data.

It may be tempting to use Dropbox for all your backups, especially if you think that you are using the most secure way of storing data online. The truth is that every website owner should know the value of having a back-up plan. Whether you use Carbon Copy Pro, Google Drive or another service for backing up your WordPress site, it is important that you understand that no service is 100% reliable. The same goes with the web host you are using. You will have to work with them to get the best backup experience and enjoy knowing that your data is safe.

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