Why Subscribers Are Not Important for Your Blog Success 😳

Subscribers don't matter 😳

Subscribers may not always be crucial to achieving success with a blog. Discover the surprising reasons why they might not be as important as commonly believed in driving your blog’s triumph.


In a digital world where content creators strive to build a successful blog, the conventional belief is that amassing a large number of subscribers is the key to success. However, Mark and Gael from Authority Hacker challenge this notion in a thought-provoking video where they dissect why subscribers may not hold the same weight as commonly believed.

Why Subscribers Are Not Important

Mark and Gael bring forth an interesting perspective, emphasizing that Google, previously deemed a reliable traffic source, may no longer guarantee the same level of consistent traffic. In light of this, they delve into the importance of diversifying from Google traffic and advocate for leveraging Meta ads as a safe traffic alternative. They shine a light on the practical details essential for those looking to explore this avenue.

Diversifying Traffic Sources

  • Google may no longer be a reliable traffic source?
  • Meta ads are considered a safe traffic option.

The Authority Hacker Podcast Episode 335

  • Mark and Gael’s discussion on diversifying traffic sources is elaborated?

Importance of Engaging Content

  • Social platforms like TikTok have evolved to favor engaging content.
  • Facebook has proven effective for many content creators due to increased post distribution.
  • Mr. Beast’s success is attributed not only to his vast subscriber base but also to his captivating and engaging content.

Engagement Over Subscribers

  • Engagement drives impressions and subscriber growth.
  • Facebook algorithms prioritize posts that perform well to enhance engagement and impressions.


In conclusion, Mark and Gael present a compelling argument as to why subscribers may not be the ultimate determinant of blog success. By highlighting the shifting landscape of digital marketing, the duo emphasizes the significance of diversifying traffic sources and prioritizing engaging content over sheer subscriber numbers.


  1. Why are subscribers deemed less crucial for blog success according to Mark and Gael?
  2. How do Meta ads offer a safer alternative to traditional traffic sources?
  3. What role does engaging content play in driving impressions and subscriber growth?
  4. How has the algorithm on platforms like Facebook evolved to amplify engagement?
  5. What practical details are shared by Mark and Gael for those interested in exploring Meta ads?
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