6 Link Building Strategies for Ecommerce Stores That Are Not Just For Blogs

Effective link building strategies for ecommerce websites depend on several factors. The most important factor is the target market of the website. It must be understood that no single formula will apply to all cases. Link building is a continuous process and requires a lot of attention, time, and effort to yield good results. It also depends upon the quality of the websites, which is being promoted.

link building strategies for ecommerce

Effective link building involves creating links from websites with high page ranks to your own product pages. The higher your page rank, the more chances you have to attain higher rankings on search engines. So, search engine optimization is an essential component to link building process.

Successful ecommerce link building strategies can help you improve your popularity in search engines. These strategies include search engine optimization and getting backlinks from reliable websites. Search engine optimization deals with techniques to boost the rankings of websites in SERP. An expert SEO analyst has to develop appropriate strategies to make your website popular among target market.

Many companies provide link building services by building backlinks from high-quality sites. These companies can provide you with the best link building strategy according to your business needs and objectives. Some of the companies offer organic strategies to enhance your online visibility and get more traffic.

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The organic link building strategy means that there are nofollow links and you are not allowed to monetize the site through ads and advertisements. One of the best strategies in this context is to create and submit articles to article directories that allow you to create a nofollow backing as well. With this kind of strategy, you can attain nofollow backlinks without spending money on PPC campaigns as well. Another important tip is that, you should avoid the keyword stuffing strategy and the usage of meaningless phrases as it will also be counted as spam.

Social media engagement is another essential link building strategy for ecommerce. Engaging in conversations and discussions on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can drive more traffic to your site. Social media users do not like spam and thus, they usually give more preference to brands that provide sincere information. Branding with substance is the key to success in this case. A brand should expose the benefits of the product and emphasize the social aspect as a platform to reach out to consumers.

There are various ways to get backlinks for your site. One of the best link building strategies for ecommerce is writing blog posts that contain backlinks to your website. You can write relevant and useful information that people would want to know and share with their social networking contacts. You can also provide a link at the end of the blog post, to achieve more visibility in search engine results.

To make your link building strategies for ecommerce successful, you need to invest time, energy and hard work to create good content and post in relevant forums and groups. You can also use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on popular keywords. You may opt to buy links or backlinks from other online tools. There are a lot of SEO companies that offer their services in link building strategies for ecommerce.

Once you have created content for your brand or product, you may then try to engage in discussions on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Through these conversations, you can expose your products and brands to target audience. Interaction with influencers also increases your chances of creating a positive buzz about your brand.

Creating online videos is another one of the best link-building strategies for ecommerce. You can upload these videos in YouTube and vlog. To maximize this opportunity, you can form partnerships with other online video sharing companies such as VideoDMCA, Vimeo and Revver. Find a reliable host for your videos. Once the videos are ready, you can then submit them to major video hosting sites like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and Metacafe. The most recommended video hosting sites for ecommerce store owners are VideoDMCA, Vimeo and Revver.

As mentioned earlier, social media marketing has emerged as a preferred strategy of link building strategies for ecommerce. Creating and regularly publishing high-quality and original content on your pages or blog is an effective way of getting eyeballs to your page. If you’re able to effectively engage users in conversations and provide insightful information, you have a better chance of building good social media reputation. The strategy works well if you regularly add new content to your site, provide advice to visitors and respond to the comments and queries of visitors.

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