An Honest Siteground Review: Our 6 Month Speed Test Results Revealed!

⭐ An Honest Siteground Review: What We Discovered After A 6 Month Speed Test 😮

Welcome to our blog post where we present an honest Siteground review, sharing our experience and revealing the results of our 6 month speed test. As a team, we have delved into the world of web hosting, putting Siteground to the test to provide you with an unbiased assessment. Join us as we unveil the findings and help you make an informed decision for your website’s hosting needs.

An Honest Siteground Review: Our 6 Month Speed Test Results Revealed!


In today’s digital age, having a fast and reliable website is crucial for online success. With countless web hosting providers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. That’s why we conducted a comprehensive speed test on Siteground hosting for six months. In this article, we will share our findings and provide you with an honest review of Siteground’s performance. So, let’s dive right in!

Siteground’s Speed and Performance

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Speed is a critical factor when it comes to website hosting. Slow-loading websites not only frustrate visitors but also negatively impact search engine rankings. During our six-month testing period, Siteground consistently impressed us with its fast load times and exceptional performance.

We used Pingdom, a popular website monitoring tool, to conduct our speed test. With Pingdom, we were able to filter the results by month, giving us a clear picture of Siteground’s performance over time. The average load time for our website hosted on Siteground was an impressive 1.79 seconds. This level of speed allows for a seamless user experience, keeping visitors engaged and satisfied.

Uptime is another crucial aspect of web hosting. Siteground proved to be extremely reliable, boasting an uptime of 99.99% throughout our testing period. This means that our website was accessible to users almost all the time, with only 32 minutes of downtime. Such exceptional uptime ensures that your website remains accessible to visitors, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and potential conversions.

Siteground Hosting Packages

Siteground offers three hosting packages: Startup, Grow Big, and Go Geek. Each package caters to different needs and budgets. The Startup package is suitable for small websites and blogs, while the Grow Big plan is recommended for businesses and growing websites. The Go Geek plan is designed for larger e-commerce sites and websites with high traffic.

Among these options, we highly recommend the Grow Big plan. Priced at approximately $4.99 per month, it strikes a perfect balance between affordability and features. With the Grow Big plan, you’ll enjoy additional benefits such as priority support, advanced caching, and the ability to host multiple websites.

Renewal Fees and Pricing

When opting for any web hosting service, it’s essential to consider not only the initial pricing but also the renewal fees. Siteground’s pricing is competitive and reasonable, especially when compared to other providers. However, it is important to note that the renewal fees for Siteground hosting increase after the first year. While this is a common practice in the industry, it’s still worth keeping in mind when planning your budget for the long term.

Comparison with Bluehost

To provide you with a well-rounded review, we compared Siteground’s performance with another popular web hosting provider, Bluehost. Our findings revealed stark differences between the two.

Bluehost fell short in terms of speed and performance when compared to Siteground. The average load time for our website hosted on Bluehost was a disappointing 6.11 seconds, significantly slower than Siteground’s 1.79 seconds. This delay can lead to higher bounce rates and a negative user experience.

Furthermore, Bluehost’s uptime was far from impressive, registering at 99.93%. This means that our website experienced over two hours of downtime during the six-month testing period. Such prolonged downtime can result in missed opportunities and frustrated visitors.

Adding to the list of downsides, Bluehost’s pricing is nearly double that of Siteground. While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, it’s worth considering the value for money when comparing hosting providers.


In conclusion, Siteground has proven to be an exceptional web hosting provider during our six-month speed test. With fast load times, remarkable uptime, and affordable pricing, it is definitely a strong contender for anyone seeking reliable hosting services. The Grow Big plan, in particular, offers a great balance of features and value.

Remember, choosing the right web hosting provider is crucial for the success of your website. By conducting thorough research and considering factors such as speed, performance, reliability, and pricing, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I view the results of the speed test conducted on Siteground hosting?
    Yes, you can filter the results by month on Pingdom to view the performance of Siteground hosting over time.

  2. What was the average load time for our website hosted on Siteground?
    The average load time for our website hosted on Siteground was 1.79 seconds, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience.

  3. How reliable is Siteground in terms of uptime?
    Siteground boasts an uptime of 99.99%, with only 32 minutes of downtime recorded during the six-month testing period.

  4. Which hosting package should I choose on Siteground?
    We recommend the Grow Big plan, starting at approximately $4.99 per month, for its optimal balance of features and affordability.

  5. How does Siteground compare to Bluehost?
    Siteground outperforms Bluehost in terms of speed, performance, and pricing, making it a more favorable choice. Bluehost has slower load times, lower uptime, and higher pricing compared to Siteground.

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