How Cross Sells in Enhance Customer Experience in Selling Modules

Selling modules in, How it looks to your customers as cross sells

Are you looking to enhance your customers’ experience while selling modules in Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore how cross sells can greatly improve customer satisfaction and boost your sales. Discover how you can effectively leverage this powerful feature to maximize your eCommerce potential. Join us as we delve into the world of cross sells and unlock the secrets to creating an exceptional and personalized customer journey. Let’s dive in!


If you’re a business owner looking to sell online courses or modules, you might have come across as a platform to help you create and manage your digital products. One feature that enhances the customer experience in selling modules on is the ability to implement cross sells. In this article, we will review a video tutorial by Eran Bucai that showcases how cross sells can be used to improve the user experience for customers who have purchased modules. We’ll explore the different aspects covered in the video and also provide you with valuable resources related to selling modules on

The Video Tutorial: A Customer’s Perspective

Eran Bucai’s video tutorial dives deep into the subject of cross sells on, focusing specifically on how they enhance the customer experience in the course area. The video takes the perspective of a customer who has already purchased a module and demonstrates various features and settings related to cross sells.

Setting Up Module Cross Sells

The tutorial starts by explaining how to set up cross sells for the modules that you offer. Cross sells essentially allow you to suggest additional modules to customers based on their purchase history. This can be a powerful tactic to encourage customers to explore and purchase more modules, thus increasing your revenue.

Appearance of Purchased Modules with Cross Sells

The video then showcases how purchased modules with cross sells appear in the course area for the customer. It highlights the seamless integration of cross sells within the platform, making it easy for customers to discover and access relevant modules.

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The First Part of the Tutorial

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic, it’s worth noting that the video is part two of a tutorial series. The first part covers the fundamentals of selling modules and courses on If you’re interested in learning about the basics, you can find the link to the first part in the description of Eran Bucai’s video.

Exploring Different Timestamps

Eran Bucai’s tutorial is well-structured, covering various timestamps that cater to different aspects of cross sells in The timestamps covered in the video are as follows:

  1. Welcome
  2. Customer’s view after purchasing a module
  3. Setting up and adding a module to the sales page
  4. Customer’s perspective of the course area
  5. Getting the right course to appear
  6. Customer’s view after purchasing a course
  7. Unpurchased courses in the course area

By addressing each of these timestamps, the video tutorial ensures a comprehensive understanding of how cross sells can enhance the customer experience on

Valuable Resources for Selling Modules on

Aside from the insightful video tutorial, Eran Bucai provides additional resources that can help you in your journey of selling modules on Below are a few resources you can access:

  • Website preparation checklist: This resource guides you through the essential steps to prepare your website before selling modules or courses.
  • Sales page template: A ready-to-use template that you can customize to create an appealing sales page for your modules.
  • Website technology glossary: A glossary that explains the technical terms and concepts related to website technology, making it easier for you to navigate the digital landscape.

In addition to these resources, Eran Bucai offers a free eBook on productivity that you can download. Moreover, joining the free Facebook group he hosts provides an opportunity for networking with fellow entrepreneurs and gaining valuable insights. If you require further assistance or wish to explore consultation services, testimonials, membership options, or essential business books recommended by Eran Bucai, you can find the relevant information on his website.

Connect with Eran Bucai

Eran Bucai, the content creator of this video tutorial, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in their online ventures. If you find value in his content and wish to connect with him, there are several ways to do so:

  • Subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay updated on his latest videos and tutorials.
  • Send him an email if you have specific questions or require personalized guidance.
  • Message him on Facebook to engage in conversations and seek advice.
  • Follow him on Instagram for behind-the-scenes insights and tips.
  • Explore his website to learn more about his story and browse through valuable content.
  • If you’re interested in soccer, you can watch his soccer videos for some entertainment.

By leveraging these different connection methods, you can tap into Eran Bucai’s expertise and benefit from his insights in the field of selling modules and courses on


Eran Bucai’s video tutorial on cross sells in offers valuable insights into enhancing the customer experience for module purchasers. Through the demonstration of various features and settings, the tutorial equips business owners with the knowledge required to effectively harness cross sells on With the power of cross sells, you can encourage customers to explore and purchase more modules, ultimately increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction.

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