How To Build PERFECT SEO Silos on WordPress (Step by Step)

How To Build PERFECT SEO Silos on Wordpress (Step by Step)

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Learn how to rank higher on Google without building more links by using the power of website architecture & SEO Silos. In this video, Gael explains the theory behind why creating content hubs & silos helps you rank higher.

He then shares a real-life example of a site killing it in the SERPs using site architecture and finally, he shows you how to build silos in WordPress using ONLY free tools & plugins so anyone can do it!

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Special announcement
0:57 – Why site architecture matters
2:22 – Real-life case study
3:55 – Planning Silos
7:01 – Building Hub Pages
10:27 – Internal linking
12:53 – Conclusion

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