How To Create An Online Course Website with WordPress & Tutor LMS (2022)

How To Create An Online Course Website with Wordpress & Tutor LMS (2022)

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In this wordpress tutorial, i will show you how to create an online course/lms website with WordPress and TutorLMS. With this tutorial, you can create and sell online courses on your wordpress website. We use a free theme and a free plugin called tutor lms to build the course website.

Timestamps For Online Course Tutorial

00:00 Intro
20:04 Get Hosting
27:03 General Options
30:45 Install WordPress Theme
34:52 How To Use Builder
48:50 Tutor LMS Options
01:07:53 Create A Course
01:25:48 Creating Paid Courses
01:32:08 Creating Coupon Codes
01:37:07 Creating a Funnel Course Website
01:47:27 Tutor LMS Pro
02:02:00 Certificate Builder
02:06:00 Tutor LMS PRO Features
02:35:35 Managing Online Courses
02:44:33 Template Kits
02:49:26 Closing Remarks

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Importank Links I Mention

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Learnee Kit:
Educasia Kit:
Get A Logo:
How To Manage Courses:

Thanks for watching party people! This video full covers how to make an online course website or lms website with WordPress and tutorlms. Feel free to visit my website at

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