How To Make A MutliVendor eCommerce Website With WordPress 2022

How To Make A MutliVendor eCommerce Website With Wordpress 2022

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In this video, i will show you how to make a multivendor ecommerce website with wordpress, elementor and the dokan plugin. The dokan plugin is a free multivendor plugin that allows you to turn your ecommerce website into a multivendor ecommerce website.

Links i mention in the video:

Elementor Tutorial:
eCommerce Elementor Tutorial:
Elementor Theme Builder:
Terms And Conditions Generator:
Privacy Policy Generator:
WooCommerce Auctions:

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00:00 Intro
11:45 Get Hosting
16:12 Install WordPress
19:35 Design Website
19:51 General Settings
22:50 Install Theme
26:32 Basics For Elementor
37:50 Add Multivendor plugin
42:02 Manually Create Vendors
51:15 Create A Menu
54:23 Creating A Terms and Conditions
58:14 Allow Vendors To Register
01:05:11 WooCommerce Settings
01:08:07 Taxes
01:10:09 Shipping
01:15:46 Adding Payment Gateways
01:27:41 Handling Payouts
01:31:22 Dokan PRO
01:55:00 Import Layout
02:06:09 Outro

Well party people, i hope you enjoyed this multivendor ecommerce tutorial. If you need help, free free to drop my a comment and ill do my best to respond.

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