is FREE Ahrefs Good or Bad?

is FREE Ahrefs Good or Bad?

We’re back with another end of month round-up and phew! What a month it’s been!

Featured Snippets disappearing?! Shared hosting tanking rankings!? Ahrefs releasing a brand new game-changing tool!? Mattress Mafia lurking in the shadows!?

Stick with us as we discuss all these things and much much more!

Authority Hacker Featured Snippet Article
Mozcast Snippet analysis
Ahrefs Webmaster tools
Jumpshot shuts down
Income School Garage Sale
Income school Case Study Site
Jon Dykstra interview
Shared Hosting Case Study
Kyle Roof Podcast
WP Crafter Video
Niche Pursuits Email List Case Study
Marketing Examples

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Full Shownotes:

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Time Stamps

01:02 How’s it going Mark
01:20 Are Featured Snippets on the way out?
07:16 Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
25:07 Mattress Mafia Strikes Back
26:32 Income School Reveals their site
32:50 Can Shared Hosting affect your rankings?
40:20 Niche Pursuits Email List Case Study
47:18 Authority Hacker Member of the Month
50:33 Question of the Week

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