Outpace Your Competitors with Fast Website Speed 💪

Beat your competitors with site speed 💪

Are you looking to outpace your competitors and enhance your online presence? One surefire way to do this is by optimizing your website speed. Learn how faster loading times can give you a competitive edge in the digital realm.

Outpace Your Competitors with Fast Website Speed 💪


Having a fast website speed can give you a significant competitive edge in the online world. When your site loads quickly, visitors are more likely to stay engaged, leading to improved conversions and better search engine rankings. In this review, we will delve into a video created by Authority Hacker, where they discuss the importance of site speed and share valuable insights from industry experts.

The New Web Vital Metric from Google

  • Google has announced a new web vital metric that emphasizes the importance of site speed in user experience.
  • This metric will have a direct impact on how your website ranks on search engine result pages.

Consultation with Site Speed Pro, Brian Jackson

  • Authority Hacker consulted site speed pro, Brian Jackson, to get his expert opinion on website setup.
  • Jackson provided a thorough critique of the current setup and offered tips for improvement.

Impact of Plugins on Site Speed

  • One of the key takeaways from the video is the discussion on how plugins can impact site speed.
  • Unnecessary plugins can slow down your website significantly and should be avoided whenever possible.

Importance of CDN Setup for Site Performance

  • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can greatly enhance your site’s performance by distributing content closer to the user.
  • Setting up a CDN is crucial for ensuring fast load times, especially for visitors from different geographical locations.

Caching Plugins to Avoid

  • The video highlights certain caching plugins that may do more harm than good to your site speed.
  • Choosing the right caching plugin plays a vital role in optimizing your website’s performance.

Considerations for Javascript Optimization

  • Delaying or deferring JavaScript can be an effective strategy to improve site speed.
  • By prioritizing essential scripts and deferring non-essential ones, you can create a more streamlined browsing experience for your visitors.

Site Speed Advantage for Smaller Websites

  • Smaller websites can benefit greatly from the advantage of fast site speed.
  • Taylor Swift’s WordPress site is cited as an example of how poor performance can negatively impact a website’s user experience.


In conclusion, prioritizing site speed is crucial in today’s digital landscape. By implementing the insights and recommendations discussed in the Authority Hacker video, you can outpace your competitors and provide a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.


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