Should You Buy Links To Stay Competitive?

Should You Buy Links To Stay Competitive?

It’s time for us to address everyone’s favorite controversial question: Should you buy links?

For years our stance has been clear. We don’t buy links.

But are Mark and Gael starting to change their minds…?

Google’s Link Guidelines
Link Building Services

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
00:55 How’s it going, Mark?
01:45 Where does Google stand on paid links?
04:51 Is the Rel=Sponsored tag a game-changer?
08:45 The Evolution of Paid links
10:17 Do you guys pay for links?
11:08 Paid Links: Expectation vs Reality
19:50 Are Paid Links worth it?
26:38 Is it worth the risk?
28:43 Can you compete without?
35:59 So…Should you buy links?

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