Should you give up on your site?

Should you give up on your site?

We’ve all been there. Maybe a Google update decimated your traffic. Perhaps your entire team quit on you. Maybe you didn’t even hit publish on your site yet.

When it comes to it, when do you call it a day and give up? In this show, Mark and Gael draw on their own experience to provide you with the definitive guide: Do you give up or do you persevere?

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:15 How’s it going Mark?
03:35 Pre-Launch Considerations
04:22 Pre-Launch: Is your research solid?
07:50 Pre-launch: Setting realistic early expectations
14:15 Post-Launch: Dealing with poor initial results
23:03 What to do after a Google Update
23:50 What do you do when your team leaves?
39:15 Dealing with a PR Nightmare
45:00 What to do when you hit a plateau
56:50 Question of the week

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