Switch From Amazon to High Paying Affiliate Programs [Step by Step Plan]

Switch From Amazon to High Paying Affiliate Programs [Step by Step Plan]

While Amazongeddon might seem like a distant dream to most marketers, it’s still very much an uncomfortable reality.

But 2 months on, has much really changed? Did the mass exodus that so many people swore to partake in really happening or was it all talk, no action?

Today, Mark and Gael take a realistic look at the state of affiliate marketing and how you can truly break up with Amazon.

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Ezoic – https://www.ezoic.com/
AdThrive – https://www.adthrive.com/
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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
01:27 How’s it going Mark?
05:20 Our Personal Experience Replacing Amazon
08:30 Step by Step Plan: 1.) Finding Alternatives
15:39 Step by Step Plan: 2.) AB Test Popups and CTAs
18:40 Step by Step Plan: 3.) Ensure Your EPC (Earnings per click) is Better Than Amazon
21:20 Step by Step Plan: 4.) Start Replacing Amazon’s Links
24:50 Should You Completely Remove Amazon?
30:05 Can You Have Too Many Affiliate Links?
33:25 Consider Implementing Display Ads
35:15 Closing Thoughts

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