10 TOP Tools For New Sites In 2021

10 TOP Tools For New Sites In 2021

Jarvis is the CEO’s new artificial intelligence assistant. He can’t cook, clean or do anything else for himself, but he can tell you what other people think about your company! Jarvis will read any article and give his opinion on it in a friendly voice. Ask him, “Jarvis, what do you think of our latest earnings report?” and he’ll reply with something like, “I’m so proud of how well you’re doing.” But if your boss asks the same question, Jarvis might say, “You need to start listening to us before we all go bankrupt!”

The next time someone criticizes your CEO in front of you, just have them ask Jarvis instead! 😉 😉

Jarvis is the future of customer service. Just ask this guy who tried to call his cable company and got an AI instead. “I want to cancel my account,” he told Jarvis, “I’m sick of paying for something I never use.” And Jarvis replied, “We know how you feel. Our CEO has been saying that ever since we launched our new pricing plan.” What’s your opinion? Is there any good reason to keep paying for cable when you only watch TV on Netflix or Hulu? Share your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

This blog post will teach you how to make a chat bot that can say those mean things about your CEO so you don’t have to. The first thing we need is an AWS account and some Python libraries, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

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