17 Tips To Rank in Competitive Niches in 2020

17 Tips To Rank in Competitive Niches in 2020

Are you tired of seeing big companies hold a monopoly over the juiciest, competitive niches? Are you up for the challenge of taking them on? Are you ready to make some serious money? 🤑

Okay, okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You don’t need me to tell you it’s easier said than done.

But where do you even start when approaching an ultra-competitive niche?

Today Mark and Gael draw upon their own experience competing in these niches to give you 17 tips for cracking the code to tough niches.

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Asana Case Study
Hosting Facts
Data Study – How Long Does It Take To Rank?
Who is Hosting This?

Full Shownotes:

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
00:47 Special Announcement!
01:38 How’s it going Mark?
03:04 Our experience with competitive niches
08:25 How much does it cost to compete in a competitive niche?
17:55 Breaking Even
18:20 Picking easy keywords
23:49 Site Structure
25:35 Refreshing Content
28:34 Intelligent content creation
32:45 Exploit competitors laziness
34:45 Link Building: Creating Tools for links
38:08 Link Building: Cross-Niching
42:18 Link Building: Paying for links
50:50 Affiliate Negotiation
54:40 Quality of Products
57:15 Consolidation
01:02:00 Closing Thoughts

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