AI Content Creation Showdown: Is BETTER than your writer?

AI Content Creation Showdown: Is BETTER than your writer?

It’s time for the Ultimate AI Showdown.

What happened when we pit (powered by GPT-3) against a real life, 2 star content creator from Text Broker?

Is it time to start seriously considering AI as a viable content creation tool, or does the robot uprising still have a long way to go? Watch to find out…

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Below you’ll find 6 articles, 3 written by, 3 written by a 2-star content creator on Text Broker.

Can you guess which one is which? Watch to find out the results!

Round 1:
A –
B –

Round 2:
A –
B –

Round 3:
A –
B –


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0:00 Intro
00:35 What is
01:40 The Experiment
06:25 Test 1: AI or Human?
08:51 Test 1: Results
09:13 Test 2: AI or Human?
11:09 Test 2: Results
11:34 Test 3: AI or Human?
12:49 Test 3: Results
13:20 What does this mean for content creation?
14:12 What else can do?

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