Bring Dead Content Back to Life: Step by Step Tutorial

Bring Dead Content Back to Life: Step by Step Tutorial

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Look, I don’t care how good you are at SEO, there is no way you get a 100% hit rate with your content.
What that means is many times, when SEO’s publish content aiming to rank for a given keyword, they just don’t get there.

Even after building links, your page ends up on page 2-4 of Google for your main keyword and you may be getting some long-tail traffic but it’s nowhere close to what you hoped for when you first put the page together.

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This video addresses this exact situation and how to revive your content in the SERPS

Ahrefs –
Dynalist –
SurferSEO –
Grammarly –

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Authority Hacker case study
04:16 Bomisch case study
05:50 Content refresh prep
08:32 Rewriting process
11:35 Updating process
12:44 Summary
14:45 AH Pro shoutout

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