Discover 21 Astonishingly Free AI Phone Apps that will Leave You Amazed

21 AI Phone Apps You Won't Believe Are Free

As an avid technology enthusiast, I have delved deep into the world of AI phone apps to uncover 21 astonishingly free gems that are sure to leave you amazed. From enhancing productivity to providing unparalleled entertainment, these apps have completely revolutionized the way we interact with our smartphones. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the limitless potential of AI technology and discover the incredible experiences awaiting us. Prepare to be awe-struck by the innovative capabilities of these remarkable apps that have been meticulously crafted to enhance our daily lives. Let’s dive in and unlock the magic of artificial intelligence together!


Being a tech enthusiast, I cannot contain my excitement when it comes to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). From generating stories to enhancing photos, AI has completely revolutionized the way we use our mobile phones. In this article, I will share with you my findings after testing and selecting 21 free AI mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Get ready to be amazed by the power of AI!

ChatGPT: Your Creative Conversational AI Companion

1.1. Meet ChatGPT: The AI app that generates stories and answers questions.
1.2. Engage in natural, human-like conversations with ChatGPT.
1.3. Discover the endless possibilities of storytelling and get answers in real-time.
1.4. Feel the power of AI as ChatGPT adapts to your language and responds intelligently.

Pi: Your Personal AI Chatbot

2.1. Pi is not just an ordinary chatbot; it has realistic voices and can explain slang terms.
2.2. Unlock the world of AI-powered conversations and get personalized responses.
2.3. Pi learns from your interactions and adapts to your preferences.
2.4. Experience a truly human-like chatbot that understands context and emotions.

Perplexity: A Magical AI Poetry Generator

3.1. Dive into the world of poetry with Perplexity, your AI app for generating poems and lyrics.
3.2. Experience the beauty of AI-generated artistry in the form of heartfelt poetry.
3.3. Let Perplexity inspire you with its creative wordplay and imaginative verses.
3.4. Personalize the output by choosing your preferred themes and moods.

create viral videoes in one click Your AI-Generated Characters for Videos and Games

4.1. Say hello to, the app that creates realistic AI-generated characters.
4.2. Take your videos and games to the next level with lifelike virtual characters.
4.3. Explore a wide range of customizable options to bring your imagination to life.
4.4. Enjoy the seamless integration of AI-powered characters in your creative projects.

Socratic: Your AI-Powered Homework Helper

5.1. Bid farewell to homework struggles with Socratic, your AI-powered homework helper.
5.2. Get step-by-step explanations and solutions to complex problems.
5.3. Benefit from AI’s vast knowledge database to ace your assignments.
5.4. Empower your learning with Socratic’s comprehensive explanations and helpful resources.

AI Writer: Your Perfect Writing Assistant

6.1. Unleash your writing potential with AI Writer, the app that assists with writing tasks.
6.2. Embrace the power of AI-generated suggestions and improvements in your writing.
6.3. Say goodbye to writer’s block as AI Writer offers creative prompts and ideas.
6.4. Boost your productivity and refine your writing skills with AI’s assistance.

Bing’s Swift Key: The AI-Powered Keyboard Experience

7.1. Upgrade your typing experience with Bing’s Swift Key, the AI-powered keyboard app.
7.2. Enjoy faster and more accurate typing with the autocorrection feature.
7.3. Let AI learn and adapt to your typing style for a seamless communication experience.
7.4. Discover the convenience of predictive text and personalized suggestions.

ELSA Speak: AI for Perfecting English Pronunciation

8.1. Enhance your English pronunciation and fluency with ELSA Speak, powered by AI.
8.2. Receive real-time feedback and personalized tips to improve your speaking skills.
8.3. Overcome language barriers and gain confidence in your English communication.
8.4. Let AI be your guide on the journey to mastering the English language.

Otter: Your AI-Enabled Transcription App

9.1. Transcribe audio effortlessly with Otter, the AI-powered transcription app.
9.2. Enjoy accurate and efficient voice-to-text conversion for seamless note-taking.
9.3. Collaborate with others by sharing and editing transcriptions in real-time.
9.4. Experience the power of AI in simplifying your audio transcription tasks.

Dream by Wombo: Transform Photos into Painted Dreamscapes

10.1. Unleash your creativity with Dream by Wombo, the AI art generator app.
10.2. Watch in awe as your photos transform into painted dreamscapes.
10.3. Experiment with various artistic styles and bring your imagination to life.
10.4. Let AI turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art.

StarryAI: Enhance Photos with AI-Powered Effects and Filters

11.1. Elevate your photography skills with StarryAI, the app that enhances photos with AI-powered effects.
11.2. Explore a wide range of creative filters and effects to make your photos stand out.
11.3. Let AI analyze your photos and recommend the best enhancements for stunning results.
11.4. Experience the magic of AI in transforming your photos into visual masterpieces.

Photoleap: Advanced AI Editing Tools for Photos

12.1. Step up your photo editing game with Photoleap, the AI app with advanced editing tools.
12.2. Dive into a world of endless possibilities with AI-driven enhancements and adjustments.
12.3. Discover the freedom to create and manipulate your photos with precision and ease.
12.4. Unlock the full potential of your photos with AI’s intuitive editing capabilities.

VideoLeap: Professional-Looking Videos Made Easy with AI

13.1. Create professional-looking videos effortlessly with VideoLeap, the AI-powered video editing app.
13.2. Transform your raw footage into stunning visual narratives with AI’s help.
13.3. Enjoy seamless editing features, including transitions, filters, and effects.
13.4. Let AI be your creative partner in bringing your videos to life.

MotionLeap: Dynamic Visual Experiences with AI-Powered Motion Effects

14.1. Immerse yourself in dynamic visual experiences with MotionLeap, the app that adds AI-powered motion effects to photos.
14.2. Take your photos to the next level with captivating animations and visual effects.
14.3. Customize and manipulate motion effects to create unique and eye-catching visuals.
14.4. Feel the thrill of AI enhancing your photos with a touch of magic.

PixaMotion: Embrace the Art of Animated Photos

15.1. Bring your photos to life with PixaMotion, the AI app for animated photos.
15.2. Explore the world of mesmerizing animations and motion effects.
15.3. Let AI breathe new life into your static photos and captivate your audience.
15.4. Unleash your creativity and create stunning visual stories with ease.

Colorpop: Dramatic Effects with Selective Photo Coloring

16.1. Add a dash of drama to your photos with Colorpop, the AI-based app for selective coloring.
16.2. Highlight specific elements in your photos while keeping the rest in black and white.
16.3. Explore the power of AI in creating visually striking and attention-grabbing images.
16.4. Make your photos stand out with the dramatic touch provided by selective colorization.

Dolby On: Enhanced Audio Recordings with AI

17.1. Elevate your audio recordings with Dolby On, the AI app that enhances sound quality.
17.2. Experience crystal-clear, studio-like audio with Dolby’s AI-powered technology.
17.3. Effortlessly remove background noise and enhance the overall audio experience.
17.4. Let AI be your audio companion for better-quality recordings.

Gradient Music: Personalized Music Creation with AI

18.1. Dive into the realm of personalized music creation with Gradient Music, the AI app.
18.2. Discover a world of infinite musical possibilities tailored to your preferences.
18.3. Let AI compose melodies that resonate with your taste and mood.
18.4. Experience the joy of creating unique soundtracks with AI’s assistance.

Luma: Unleash Your Video Storytelling Potential

19.1. Unleash your video storytelling potential with Luma, the AI-powered app for creating stunning video stories.
19.2. Explore a wide range of templates, effects, and transitions to enhance your videos.
19.3. Let AI streamline your editing process and provide professional-looking results.
19.4. Take your storytelling to new heights with Luma’s intuitive features and AI assistance.

Arc Search: AI-Powered Information at Your Fingertips

20.1. Discover the power of AI for finding information with Arc Search, the AI-powered search app.
20.2. Get accurate and reliable results from trusted sources with AI’s assistance.
20.3. Bid farewell to endless scrolling and find the information you need in a snap.
20.4. Unlock the efficiency of AI in simplifying your search for knowledge.


In conclusion, the world of AI has brought us an incredible array of free mobile apps that defy imagination. From generating stories to enhancing photos and assisting with homework, these AI-powered apps open up new horizons of possibilities. Whether you are an artist, writer, student, or simply someone looking to explore the power of AI, these apps are sure to leave you amazed. So go ahead, dive into the world of AI, and let your creativity soar!


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  3. Are these AI apps truly free, or do they have hidden costs?
  4. Can these AI apps work offline?
  5. How can I ensure the privacy and security of my data while using these AI apps?

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