How To Create A Fundraising, Nonprofit, Or Charity Website With WordPress & GiveWP (2022)

How To Create A Fundraising, Nonprofit, Or Charity Website With Wordpress & GiveWP (2022)

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Learn how to create a charity or fundraising website with wordpress and Givewp plugin. This wordpress tutorial will show you how to build a fundraising website from scratch with no experience needed. I will first show you how to build your website with wordpress. Once we build the website, we will install a free wordpress plugin to add the donation function to the website. Lastly, i will show you how to use the pro features of the givewp plugin.


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00:00 Intro
01:52 Website Overview
09:40 Backend Options
13:55 Web Hosting
20:50 WordPress Dashboard
24:00 Install WordPress Theme
29:40 Elementor Page Builder
42:10 Theme Customizer
44:10 Create Pages And Make Menu
51:00 Register And Login Page
53:39 Shortcodes
54:50 Add Logo
57:02 Add Donation Function
58:36 Create Form
01:13:20 Donor Dash
01:14:30 General Settings
01:20:13 Payment Gateways
01:22:35 Integrate Stripe
01:27:38 Paypal Integration
01:31:58 Givewp PRO
01:36:56 Recurring Donations
01:39:30 Funds And Designation
01:42:57 Fee Recovery And Tributes
01:47:00 PDF Recepits And Stripe
01:51:12 Form Manager
01:53:44 Peer To Peer Donations
02:10:35 Outro

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