How To Create an eCommerce Website With WordPress and WooCommerce 2022

How To Create an eCommerce Website With Wordpress and WooCommerce 2022

Learn how to create an ecommerce website with WordPress Step By Step!
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In this video, ill walk you through how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress. We will also be using the divi theme which is a very popular wordpress theme thats 100% drag and drop.

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Divi eCommerce Template Kit:
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Email Customizer:
How To Get Traffic And Sales:
WooCommerce Tutorial:–KR4qoM&t

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Here are the timestamps for this ecommerce tutorial

Intro 00:00
Demo Website 02:32
Get Web Hosting 18:40
General Settings 25:35
Design Website 28:50
Creating Product 01:10:30
Creating Simple Product 01:13:35
Creating Variable Product 1:20:13
Import Template 01:34:40
Google Maps 01:41:10
Mobile Optimization 01:51:55
Divi Theme Options 02:03:20
Terms and Conditions 02:23:07
Divi Theme Builder 02:34:30
Custom Shop Page 02:45:45
Custom Product Page 02:49:20
Custom Product Category Page 02:57:20
My Account, Checkout, Cart 03:02:12
Live Sales Notification 03:12:10
Custom Thank You Page 03:24:30
WooCommerce Settings 03:28:45
Taxes 03:34:00
Shipping: 03:37:25
Payment Gateways 03:53:00
Outro 04:11:00

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