How to Find a PROFITABLE NICHE For Your Sites in 2021 (What Changed!)

How to Find a PROFITABLE NICHE For Your Sites in 2021 (What Changed!)

With a month left to go, 2021 planning is well underway for many of us.

So what if you’re planning on starting a brand new project? Well, today, Mark and Gael are here to walk you through everything you need to consider when finding a niche to work with in 2021!

Google Trends
VeryWell Fit
WP Crafter
Income School
Reverse engineering affiliate programs

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
01:54 How’s it going Mark?
03:18 What’s new when picking a Niche?
03:35 What’s new: Big media domination
06:17 What’s new: Consolidation
08:50 What’s new: Amazongedon
12:08 What’s new: Your Money or Your Life (YMYL)
16:32 What’s the same: Don’t reinvent the wheel
19:45 What’s the same: Follow the money
22:21 What’s the same: Are you interested in your niches?
24:38 What’s the same: You must be credible
26:10 Types of Niches: Broad Niches –
28:15 Types of Niches: Problem Niches –
30:30 Types of Niches: Community Niches –
33:10 Types of Niches: Product Niches
40:40 How niche should you go?
51:50 Your personal situation
58:24 Other considerations
01:03:00 3 Golden Tips

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