How to Hack Automated Funnels Together With John Ainsworth

How to Hack Automated Funnels Together With John Ainsworth

Find out more about John and Data Driven Marketing

This week, Mark is joined by John Ainsworth to talk funnels. We can pretty much guarantee if you’re running any type of sales funnel in your business and you haven’t optimized it, you’ll come away with a handful of easy-to-implement low-hanging fruits that’ll transform your funnels – it’s not one to miss! 😎

Data Driven Marketing

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00:00 Intro
00:48 Who is John Ainsworth?
03:28 The 3 Key Fixes you should make to your funnels
04:21 Emails Lists
06:16 Boosting Revenue Per Sale
10:56 Price Positioning
17:55 Recurring Revenue
19:50 Bumping Existing Customers
22:26 Converting Your Audience
29:26 Sales Sequences
35:49 Gettings Subscribers
41:25 Lead Magnets
44:41 Which Products Sell?
48:43 Redirecting Leads

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