How to Hire Link Builders in Eastern Europe with Uģis Balmaks

How to Hire Link Builders in Eastern Europe with Uģis Balmaks

This week, Mark is joined by Uģis Balmaks from to talk about recruitment.

We’re not talking about your average boring 9-5 recruitment here though. No, we’re looking how to hire superstars that don’t break the bank and can help you push your online marketing business to the next level!

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
02:01 Who is Ugis?
03:27 Eastern European Hiring
08:26 The Hiring Process
09:27 Costs & Salaries
15:12 How Specific 
17:26 The Job Ad
21:35 Where to list
22:09 Application Process
30:38 Assessing Applications
38:18 Screening Interview
41:47 Red Flags
43:27 Detailed Interview
47:29 Must-Ask questions
49:00 References
51:21 What happens next
53:54 Evolving the process
57:27 Hiring Remotely

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