How To Make A Hotel Booking Website With WordPress (Like The Hilton Hotel)

How To Make A Hotel Booking Website With Wordpress (Like The Hilton Hotel)

Learn how To Create A Hotel Booking or Online Reservation Website With WordPress!
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In this video, ill show you how to make a modern and professional hotel booking with WordPress. I also use a wordpress plugin, so you can make this website with any wordpress page builder that you you would like. In this video i use the Astra theme and Elementor to get started. From there, we install a free plugin that gives you the booking functionality. I do also cover the pro version of the hotel booking plugin in this video. What is also cool, is you can link up a channel manager and link your hotel to popular websites!

Important Links:

DEMO Images:
Elementor PRO:
Astra PRO: (darrel10 gives 10% OFF)
Elementor Tutorial:
VikBooking PRO:
Get A Logo:
NOTE: I do recommend translatepress as a translate plugin if you need more help translating your website: there is a FREE version and also a PRO version of translatepress

Custom CSS I mentioned In The Video ( For Emails And Styling ) Hotel CSS Code

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Timestamps For Hotel Booking Tutorial

00:00 Intro
04:44 Get Web Hosting
08:46 Install WordPress
11:14 General Settings
14:46 Theme Installation
18:47 Intro To Elementor
30:15 Adjusting Menu
32:00 Theme Customizer Settings
34:15 Get A Logo
36:22 Add Booking Integration
39:10 Adding Search Bar
50:15 Contact Form Setup
53:58 Booking Plugin General Options
54:05 Creating Room And Categories
01:00:30 Pricing
01:01:00 Amenities
01:04:00 Taxes
01:06:07 Rates
01:09:07 Booking Overview
01:10:11 Global Options
01:18:12 Translation
01:22:30 Pro Version
01:44:54 Adding Stripe Or Other Payment Gateways
01:54:48 Common Errors
01:56:30 Channel Manager And SMS Notifications
01:58:50 Design And Custom CSS
01:59:30 Design Search Page
02:10:55 Design Rooms Pages
02:15:00 Design Room Page (#2)
02:17:15 Design Room(#3)
02:21:10 Email Customization
02:28:30 Congrats!

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