How To Spot TOXIC Links & Avoid Google Penalties

How To Spot TOXIC Links & Avoid Google Penalties

As site owners have become fully aware they can make a full time income JUST from selling links, the quality bar has never been lower.

But with these link farms becoming more and more difficult to spot, how can you keep your link profile clean and avoid the risk of a Google penalty as a result?


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Time Stamps
1:20 Why links are harder to vet
4:30 why link farms are a problem
10:35 The look and feel
14:41 Types of posts they post
19:15 their primary income source
23:59 Traffic and Metrics
32:03 Traffic Drops
33:05 Outbound Links
35:35 Anchor Text
37:45 What do they actually rank for?
40:00 Rate cards

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