How To Turn Articles Into Money & Make Money Online With YOUTUBE In 2021

How To Turn Articles Into Money & Make Money Online With YOUTUBE In 2021

If you want to make money online then this tutorial could help you! I show you a method you can use to earn money with articles and Youtube. I will show you the best article to video converter so you can convert articles to videos for this method.

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The first step to making money online with this method is to research what others are doing in the market. You can find other Youtube channels that do this and make money. So what you want to do is find articles online that you can use and repurpose to make tip videos on youtube.

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Head over to Google and find articles based on specific tips like fitness tips. once you have done this there is a free article writer you can use online to change the text of these articles. Once you change the test you can then use them in Youtube videos to make money online.

What you want to do next is find royalty videos you can then use to make your tip videos. I show you in this tutorial the best place to find these types of videos. Once you have found these video you can then make the Youtube videos that will make you money on Youtube. This is how you earn money online.

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