How to Write Affiliate Reviews That Convert with Kevin Meng

How to Write Affiliate Reviews That Convert with Kevin Meng

This week, Mark is joined by Kevin Meng.

He’ll be sharing what life is like on the other side, having worked as a writer for a long time now, answering to the various whims of SEOs and marketers alike.

What sage advice does he have to help us all get along better? Tune in to find out 😉

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
01:43 Writers Vs. Marketers
06:08 Growing as a Writer
08:35 Kevin’s Approach to Writing
10:14 Content Pet Peeves
13:12 Reducing fluff
16:48 How important is honesty?
18:25 Avoiding salesy language
23:04 Features Vs. Benefits
27:56 Closing the deal
33:24 Humor in writing
38:10 Hiring Writers
43:04 Managing Writers

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