NEWS: Failed Google Update, FREE Outreach Tool, Wrong Search Volume…

NEWS: Failed Google Update, FREE Outreach Tool, Wrong Search Volume...

From botched Google updates to Free outreach tools, Mark and Gael are here to talk about all the things that caught their eye throughout August.

Podcast show notes –
John Mueler on the Botched Google Update –
SEM Rush Sensor –
Major update incoming? –
WordPress migration tool –
AI Written Article –
The big reveal –

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Time Stamps

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00:00 Intro
00:38 How’s it going Mark?
01:49 Google: August 11th Update
05:20 Google: August 15th/16th Update
06:35 Google: Big Algorithm Update on the horizon?
10:53 Google: Bye Bye FAQ Snippets?
14:50 Keyword Tool Traffic Estimations – What’s going on!?
21:10 Our favorite new FREE outreach tool
25:30 Elementor 3.0 and WordPress 5.5
29:15 AI Content
34:05 Oxygen Builder
37:15 The Future of Authority Hacker
39:45 A question for our viewers

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