Google Review Update 2021: Our Analysis & Thoughts

Google Review Update 2021: Our Analysis & Thoughts

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This week, Mark and Gael discuss the hot topic on everyone’s lips: Google Reviews. As usual, we take the no-BS approach to objectively assess what these updates mean for marketers and analyse Google’s guidelines line by line to translate each piece of guidance into reality.

Google’s Best Things
Google’s Reviews Guidelines

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00:00 Intro
01:35 How’s it going Mark?
02:20 What’s Google’s latest update about?
03:25 Google’s Best of Everything
09:45 Google’s Updated Quality Guidelines
15:55 EAT and Topic Experts – What’s new?
18:47 Creating original reviews
21:35 How to be an expert
26:05 Do you need hands-on experience?
36:15 How to properly assess product features
40:46 How to compare products against each other
43:38 Properly assessing Pros and Cons
48:55 How to handle product updates
52:00 Identifying key areas of interest
55:20 Assessing the manufacturers claims
56:46 What would Authority Hacker changed based on these updates?
1:01:00 Authority Hacker Pro is BACK! 🎉

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