These 8 Sites Need To Implement These Tactics NOW!

These 8 Sites Need To Implement These Tactics NOW!

Authority Hacker Pro is BACK! 🎉
Head to for more details!

Join us for a very special Podcast where we’ll be celebrating our latest Pro launch with an action-packed Podcast packed full of full blown knowledge bombs.

So gather round as Mark and Gael unveil 7 top-secret tactics from behind the scenes at Authority Hacker Pro.

Example Sites:

create viral videoes in one click

Follow Up Then
Setting up Google templates (Formerly Canned Responses)
Short Pixel
Cloudways Vultr Hosting
Cloudflare Optimization Service
Upwork hiring listing

Full Shownotes:

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
02:04 How’s it going Mark?
03:20 Tactic 1: Creating better outreach templates
17:05 Tactic 2: Implementing Display Ads
25:05 Tactic 3: Detecting Unlinked Brand Mentions
30:45 Tactic 4: Easily Topping Up Silos
36:00 Tactic 5: Becoming a master link building Negotiator
43:30 Tactic 6: Easily Increasing Site Speed
52:10 Tactic 7: Hiring Better Writers
1:04:18 Tactic 8: Easy Traffic Gains
01:08:14 Closing Thoughts

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