We Tested Cloudflare’s new Site Speed Service

We Tested Cloudflare's new Site Speed Service

It’s time for another monthly lowdown to keep you up to speed with all the things you might have missed!

In today’s episode Mark and Gael discuss:
– Cloudflare’s new site speed optimization service
– Hunter.io’s surprise pricing shake up
– Authority Hacker’s favorite new SOP and documentation software (which is now FREE!)
– How Linus Tech Tips has been waging war against Amazon Associates
– Much much more!

Cloudflare Site Speed Optimization
Linus Tech Tips
Slab SOP Management
Kadence Theme

Full Shownotes:

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
01:04 How’s it going, Mark?
03:35 Google’s URL Craw Issues
08:50 Hunter.io Stealth Price Increase?
13:40 Cloudflare’s New Optimization Service
17:20 Amazon Associates Linking Reminder
22:04 Linus Tech Tips Calls out Amazon
25:30 Slab – SOP Management (For free!)
28:19 Ahrefs Historical Ranking Data
30:40 Kadence Theme
33:59 Google to Start Paying For News
36:30 DotDash Acquires Another Site
37:55 Is Consolidation the Future of the Internet?

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