Websites vs Agency: Which one is Best for YOU?

Websites vs Agency: Which one is Best for YOU?

In the right corner, we have websites. In the left Agencies.
But which is the right for you?

Well who better to tell you than the two guys who grew and owned an agency from scratch then made a complete 180 pivot to building and growing their own sites instead.

Buckle up as we answer the question: Which is better, an agency or a website?

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Full Shownotes:

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
01:28 How’s it going Mark?
03:48 Agency Vs. Website: How to get started
12:21 Agency Vs. Website: How much money can you make?
23:50 Agency Vs. Website: Difficulty
41:18 Agency Vs. Website: Can you coast?
46:14 Agency Vs. Website: Exit strategy
50:21 Agency Vs. Website: Which personality do they suite?

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