7 REAL AFFILIATE SITES Dissected (And Why They’re Successful)

7 REAL AFFILIATE SITES Dissected (And Why They're Successful)

Around a year ago, we picked apart 7 affiliate websites that really caught our eye. After tearing them apart and picking out all their juicy secrets, it’s safe to say you guys seemed to enjoy it!

For that reason, we’re back with 7 new sites and we’re going deeper than ever!

So sit back while we strip back 7 affiliate sites that caught our eyes in more ways than one.

Podcast show notes – https://www.authorityhacker.com/7-affiliates-2020
CJ – cj.com
B&H – bhphotovideo.com
Focus camera – focuscamera.com
ShareASale – shareasale.com
Mediavine – mediavine.com
Serpstat – serpstat
SimpliSafe – simplisafe.com
Centerfield – centerfield.com
Casper sleepopilous lawsuit – https://www.fastcompany.com/3065928/sleepopolis-casper-bloggers-lawsuits-underside-of-the-mattress-wars

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
01:25 How’s it going Mark
01:41 Click for a surprise
03:57 AlphaShooters.com
11:17 BaldingBeards.com
20:40 ThemeIsle.com
28:30 SuperComfySleep.com
39:10 Security.org
46:40 GarageGymPower.com
52:05 AdamEnfroy.com

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