How Mark Thompson Built a SAAS Empire Without Writing a Line of Code

How Mark Thompson Built a SAAS Empire Without Writing a Line of Code

Today, Mark is joined by Mark Thompson of PayKickstart.

Mark discusses how he took his business idea from pipe dream to online empire through smart decision making, hard work and clever marketing techniques.

Learn all about what it means to start and grow a SAAS company, as well as how to deal with competition and what to do when you aren’t a web designer.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 How Mark Thompson got his start in online marketing
03:18 Mark Thompson’s first online product launch
04:36 What happened next
07:40 How to promote your first product idea
11:18 What is PayKickstart?
13:39 How to create a SAAS product when you’re not a developer
17:29 Should you partner with a software developer or outsource the work?
20:01 When did Mark know PayKickstart was ready to launch?
22:36 How much does Mark prioritize customer support in his products?
24:05 How does Mark onboard customers?
26:06 How has Mark’s promotion plan evolved over time?
29:46 What sales metrics does Mark track?
30:36 How did Mark determine his pricing model?
31:36 How does PayKickstart try to stand out from the crowd?
32:36 How should a software company deal with competitors?
33:24 Are customers loyal once they’re locked in?
34:34 Is SAAS getting more competitive?
35:08 What makes a SAAS company successful?
35:45 What would Mark do differently if he relaunched PayKickstart?
36:40 Mark’s advice to anyone thinking of starting a SAAS company

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