Get Traffic TODAY With These 5 Content Promotion Tactics

Get Traffic TODAY With These 5 Content Promotion Tactics

In this week’s episode, Mark and Gael talk about content promotion. Covering both old school and contemporary methods, you’ll learn why content promotion is still a big deal and how you can become a master at it!

We’ll be covering 5 main tactics:
– Repurposing Content
– Ego Baiting
– Social Communities
– Giveaways
– Retargeting

So come join us and learn a thing or two!

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Full Shownotes:

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Time Stamps

00:00 Intro
00:45 How’s it going Mark?
03:24 Why bother with content promotion?
09:55 Tactic 1: Re-purposing Existing Content
21:40 Tactic 1.1: Where to target your repurposed content and when
29:55 Tactic 2: Ego Bating
35:15 Tactic 3.1: Hacking Social Communities
43:50 Tactic 3.2: Social Opt-in communities
48:30 Tactic 4: Leveraging Giveaways
51:34 Tactic 5: Retargeting
52:35 Gael and Marks Top Tips

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