How To Make A Food Ordering Website With WordPress 2022

How To Make A Food Ordering Website With Wordpress 2022

Learn how to create a delicous food ordering website with WordPress!
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In this video, I will show you step by how to create a food ordering website with WordPress. With this website, you can accept real time orders for pick up and delivery with credit cards or they can pay you at your restaurant. There is no start up cost for this and its really easy for anyone to get started. This tutorial is for anyone who wants to make a website for themselves or their business or if you want to start taking orders for your restaurant

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Demo Wesbite
16:13 Get Web Hosting
23:30 General Settings
25:50 Import Template
32:04 Page Builder Overview
42:25 Create Food Orders
45:40 Create Order
52:30 Food Widgets
58:36 Pages, Locations, Reservation
01:05:10 Reservations
01:11:05 Theme Customizer
01:17:03 Payment Gateways
01:23:50 Stripe
01:26:25 Paypal
01:31:51 Premium Templates
01:38:50 WPcafe PRO
01:45:08 Pro Feature Overview
01:59:15 Extra Elements
02:06:08 Visual Table
02:11:15 Product Customization
02:12:45 Advanced Features
02:23:45 Delivery App
02:18:32 Setup Delivery Driver App
02:28:30 Quick Announcement
02:31:45 Congrats!

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